Aims & Metodology


STRINGS aims at producing innovative knowledge to improve local food chains of production, commercialization and consumption unveiling new opportunities for rural development and to reduce rural-urban asymmetries in Portugal.

Based on multidisciplinary theoretical and methodological approaches, STRINGS addresses the role that 'gourmet' specialty stores, located in urban contexts, may play on establishing new rural-urban relationships, rural attractiveness, socioeconomic restructuring and valorization, sustainability and territorial cohesion in Portugal, through the promotion and sale of traditional and locally produced foodstuffs.

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STRINGS' Methodology

STRINGS uses a multi-level approach to typify stores and understand the commercialization processes in their globality; to understand and map these processes and broadly outline the paths taken by local products from its production to its consumption and - based on selected cases - to detail, analyze and map the geographical circuits taken by local products. 

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